why go?

I have been asked a few times why I like Go so much. If I had to choose only 1 thing, it would be the philosophy of simplicity that underpins the language, standard libraries, packages, and tooling. Whilst no language is perfect, I appreciate its trade-offs for the following benefits. It’s worth to note these are purely personal opinion and not necessarily specific or restricted to Go, simply things that are important to me that you get for free. continue reading

A better A* algorithm

A few years ago I needed a path finding algorithm in a hurry for a procedural level generator I was trying to write. I managed to find a C# one that supported a number of options and was focused on performance. I reached out to the author if they minded if I changed it a bit and package it up as a nuget. The author agreed, and I used the library in a couple procedural level generators such as Promethean. continue reading

Promethean - A procedural dungeon generator in C#

I’ve gotten a first version of a procedural dungeon generator written in C#. I aim for this to be compatible with the Unity but at the moment it looks like Unity isn’t a fan of a List of Lists. You can see the code on Github and view some generated floor maps in the browser here(not longer hosted). The browser rendererjust renders a bunch of coloured tiles on a canvas. continue reading

A* algorithm in C#

An A* algorithm in C#. Original credit goes to Gustavo Franko and his post on code guru. With his permission I’ve pulled out the A* algorithm from the sample app, updated some of the code to use some newer c# features, added some tests to demonstrate usage and uploaded it to github. You can view the project at https://github.com/valantonini/AStar. The algorithm contains a variety options such as whether it uses diagonals. continue reading