Site rewrite

I moved this blog away from wordpress in 2014 and decided to write it using Jekyll. At the time I really was fascinated by Ruby and wanted to learn it and it seemed like a great opportunity. I was also unhappy with the responsive wordpress themes at the time.

I’ve been working almost exclusively in Javascript and Typescript the last 6 months and have really enjoyed it. I decided to rewrite the blog in Wintersmith as it seemed like easier to maintain and I feel ok open sourcing it as it’s not a bunch of barely functioning, badly written Ruby and spaghetti css.

I still love my initial design I came up with in 2014 and used more or less the same design. It’s also been 6 months since I’ve used jQuery for web development so I opted for a custom compiled Bulma instead of Bootstrap as I didn’t want any JQuery dependencies. I initially started out using Spectre but found some of the things I really liked such as off canvas was marked as experimental and not quite working how I intended.

The final setup is:

PurgeCss is used to trim down all the excess and deliver a front page around ~100kB, 85kb of which are images and fonts.

Source code can be found here.